Innsider Fall 2018

From The President

In 2019, we are marking a major milestone: 50 years in the Boston community. As I reflect on the 35 years that I have been here in roles as an administrative assistant, in development, in the program area, and now, as President. I am both humbled by and proud of the progress that we have made as an organization!

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A Voice From the Early Days: Warren Strom

As part of our 50th anniversary, we will be sharing stories from those who were here at the beginning. The following excerpt was pulled from an interview with Warren Strom, who is now 89 years old.

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Community Friends

Eighth graders at the Pierce School in Brookline assembled 15 Welcome Home Baskets for our tenants who are moving into their new apartments!

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A Veteran, Homeless No Longer

When DJ walks into the room, it’s not just his 6 ́3 ̋ stature that you notiit’s his smile. DJ is a tenant in Pine Street’s house on Hartford Street in Dorchester. Hartford provides a safe, stableplace, along withsupport for homeless veterans.

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Carl Moves Out of Homelessness

Things are looking up for Carl, a guest at the Men’s Inn and homeless for six years. Carl is getting ready to move out of homelessness and into an apartment, thanks to Stephanie Brown and others on the HPP team.

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