Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter


What is InnCouncil?

InnCouncil is a group of volunteers who raise awareness of the needs and issues facing homeless men and women in Greater Boston, participating in activities and events that have a positive impact on their lives.

Members engage in a variety of advocacy and outreach efforts, create and implement fundraising events, and sponsor and participate in activities that improve the quality of life of those in Pine Street’s shelter and housing locations.


Joining InnCouncil

Members of InnCouncil are committed friends of Pine Street Inn who work in a variety of professions and come from throughout the Greater Boston area. They are encouraged to:

  • Attend regular meetings (three times a year).
  • Spread awareness of and advocate for Pine Street’s mission.
  • Attract new supporters to Pine Street.
  • Support Pine Street through the annual “Home Remedy” fundraising breakfast and/or by making an annual charitable gift to Pine Street.
  • Volunteer regularly.


To learn more about InnCouncil, please contact:

inncouncil@pinestreetinn.org or call Marla Strickland at 617.892.9180 or Scottie Wait at 617.892.9187



David Beauchamp

Mary Connolly

Nancy Dourney

Karen Dunnett

Kim Eagan

Paul Ferreira

Courtney M. Forrester

Helen T. Gillcrist

Mary Heiser

Catherine “Kitty” Hooper

Kel Kelly & Ginny Pitcher

Mary Louise & Larry Krakauer

Gail McDonough

Susan McLeish

Patti Morin

Celia H. Morris

Linda & Jim Morse

Marion L. Nierintz

Catherine L. O'Neil

Ellen & Dan Pedro

Catherine Smyth

Kerry Swords

Ann Thompson

Kate Todd

Karylann Walsh

MaryEllen Walsh, Chair

Pam Ward


Current Board & Friends Members

Laura J. Sen

Corinne Ferguson

Lisa R. Murray

Kay Whelan O'Halloran, Emeritus

Margaret M. Stapleton


Supporting Our Guests and Tenants

The InnCouncil members participate in many activities throughout the year, including serving dinner in the Men’s and Women’s Inn, hosting ice cream socials or bingo nights, holiday activities and a Valentine’s Day tea for our Women’s Inn guests.


BBQs and Special Meals

During the “dog days” of summer, our volunteers grill enough hamburgers and hot dogs to feed nearly 100 men in our recovery program. They also bring treat bags of candy that are usually the hit of the evening!  Best of all, The Friends and our Stabilization program guests enjoy each other with lots of camaraderie and good food.

Hosting a barbeque at our substance recovery program


Ice Cream Socials

Our team of hardy scoopers comes equipped with pounds of candy, toppings, whipped cream and tubs of ice cream – and the line usually stretches out the door!  Guests are always thrilled, with smiles all around. Sometimes even the simplest things – a homemade ice cream sundae– can make someone’s day.

Preparing to serve ice cream treats to our guests


Valentine’s Day Tea

Members of InnCouncil spread the love around, always working to make the day special for our guests. They supply plenty of sweet treats, along with rousing games of bingo and fun prizes. A photo booth has been incorporated into the festivities, with volunteers contributing boas, hats, wigs, glasses and other costume pieces. It has been a big hit, with the women dressing up and taking photos with their friends!  


New House Set-Up

Whenever a new house is about to open, InnCouncil members take the opportunity to swoop in and ensure that each room is set up with the essentials of home, including kitchen supplies, towels, toiletries and bed linens. When our tenants arrive, they find their new room all ready for them!

Providing a warm and welcoming home for new tenants