Case Management

Case Management

Why Give to Pine Street Inn?

Although many of us face a variety of challenges in our lives, most of us have a secure home and loving family and friends to help us through difficult times. Some aren’t so lucky. The men and women who come to Pine Street Inn have lost their social connections, often living in poverty, struggling with little education or training, or are suffering with substance abuse or mental illness. 

The guiding principle at Pine Street Inn is our belief that everyone be treated with respect and dignity and supported in reaching their full potential. Time and again, we are reminded that, although seemingly insurmountable obstacles are sometimes placed in their way, Pine Street’s guests push through these barriers, determined to put their lives back together.


Why We Need Your Help

There is ever-increasing competition for public and private dollars, with the specter of budget cuts looming. While government funding covers much of the essential services we provide, we rely on gifts and grants from individuals, corporations and foundations to ensure that the homeless men and women who come to Pine Street are provided with the most effective programs and services available them.  


How We Use Your Donations

Your generosity allows us to provide the basic necessities that many people take for granted: a bed, a nutritious meal, a hot shower. Beyond that, your donations make it possible for us to provide transitional housing and job training, as well as help those we serve move towards permanent supportive housing. All of this is directly attributable to individuals and organizations that believe that homeless men and women deserve a place to call home.